Terms and Conditions of use of MZTOURIST APP, and website

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Being a great driving force and main tourist destination of the Mexican Pacific, receiving more than two million tourists a year, has a great commitment with tourists to improve and offer both services and tools of the highest quality that help to make their stay in Mazatlan more pleasant, as well as to support them optimally when they are in emergency situations. For this great commitment, H. Ayuntamiento de Mazatlán, through CAPTA Mazatlán, Have developed and present to you the application and the website “MZTOURIST APP”.

The digital platform available on the App Store and Google Play, offers information and guidance that goes from dangerous situations or that puts your physical or patrimonial integrity at risk, such as guidance on tourist sites, hand in hand with various legal-administrative units and private initiatives that directly intervene in the care, processing and solution of the various situations that could arise.

By making use of the application, the "MZTOURIST APP" website or any of its components, it implies an unwritten acceptance of the terms of use and conditions as well as their privacy notice.
Understanding as "Registered User" as one who downloads the application to your mobile phone or tablet through the App Store or Google Play platforms and enters your personal data into the application; as "General User" to anyone who visits the website through a computer, mobile phone or tablet.
All content or sections can be modified without prior notice, always ensuring better digital interaction with the user.
Both types of users agree not to use any type of software, hardware or any other means in order to intervene in the databases collected by the application or the website. Understanding that all kinds of violations of the security system that protects the databases are prohibited and may incur crimes with civil and / or criminal responsibility.

The City Council of Mazatlan is only responsible for the use of personal data and information registered by users when downloading the application through App Store or Google Play based on the Privacy Notice of the application and / or website.

Intellectual property
All types of programs, databases, files and records that allow both types of User to access the website and make use of the mobile application, are under the protection of international laws and treaties on Copyright, Trademarks, Patents , industrial models and designs; these being property of the H. City Council of Mazatlan. The improper use and / or the total or partial reproduction of the content is prohibited as stipulated in said international laws and treaties, being subject to civil-criminal sanctions and any legal action that could be derived.
Users of both categories who have access to the website, application or information collected by them, accept tacitly and acknowledge that they belong to the City Council of Mazatlan.
The user who has access to the website, to the application or information contained therein, whether general and / or registered, expressly acknowledges that the City Council of Mazatlan is the owner, and legitimate licensee.

Updates of the Terms and Conditions
At any time and without prior notice, these terms and conditions, as well as the privacy notice, may change. We advise you to constantly review these documents.