El Quelite

El Quelite comes from the Nahuatl word quelitl, which means grass that is eaten, El Quelite or Rancho El Quelital, named in 1564 by its founder Captain Francisco de Ibarra, a small town, but colorful, typical and charming, a great attraction for tourists and world travelers; When arriving to El Quelite you can observe the houses with their tile roofs, its extensive corridors and porches Mexican vernacular style dating before the revolution, but above all we perceive that country lifestyle, you can see in their yards growing flowers and ornamental plants, as well as raising chickens, ducks, pigs, and cattle but without lacking their donkeys and horses that help them in their work in the field. It should be noted that this Pueblo SeƱorial produces most of the dairy products of the north-south region of Sinaloa. One of the great attractions for which it is visited is undoubtedly its rich country gastronomy, very typical of the region of Sinaloa.

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  • Hiking
  • Ulama Show
  • Horseback Riding


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