Recreation Sites

El Faro

Considered the highest natural lighthouse in the world, it is located on the top of “El Cerro del Crestón” where you can admire a panoramic view of the city and the most beautiful sunsets.

Carpa Olivera

Located in Olas Altas, Carpa Olivera is one of the 7 marine pool that exist in the world. This natural saltwater pool is filled by waves that hit the shore.

Explanada Sánchez Taboada

One of the favorite places for Mazatlan families to have a good time, where you can enjoy the majestic sunsets, the imposing sea and enjoy the variety of local shows.

Parque Ciudades Hermanas

Beautiful park facing the sea that represents the spirit of brotherhood that Mazatlán has with different places of the world, with an inclusive design that allows you to enjoy nature, architecture, sports, culture and special events.


One of the main attractions of the city, it is the longest in Mexico and the 3rd longest in the world. It is visited by miles of people a year, to enjoy an incredible sunset or the restaurants, hotels, and monuments that embellish it.

El Clavadista

Mazatlan’s tradition where the most intrepid divers jump from a rock over 14 meters high into the sea. Enjoy this show from the viewpoint in the Sánchez Taboada esplanade.

El Rebaje

Beautiful and colorful street located in the Historic Center of the city that echoes you to the colonial era in a space that is perfect as a photographic paradise.

Plazuela Machado

One of the most spectacular places in the Historic Center to contemplate the old buildings, cafes, musical presentations and enjoy exquisite food, accompanied by the cultural shows prepared in the area.

Zona Dorada

Main destination for party, fun and relaxation for the visitors of Mazatlán. This area includes beaches, golf courses, hotels, bars, night clubs and a great variety of first-rate cuisines.

Plazuela República

It is the main square in the city and is located in the Historic Center. Its beautiful kiosk and garden are surrounded by the imposing Cathedral and the Municipal Palace.

Paseo Claussen

Paseo Claussen is part of the boardwalk in Mazatlan. Located in “Olas Altas”, you can enjoy beautiful bike rides admiring the landscape of “Cerro de la Nevería” and the beautiful monuments along the most beautiful and ancient area of the boardwalk.

Paseo del Centenario

Located at the southern end of the Mazatlán boardwalk, “Paseo del Centenario” stands out for being a spectacular road through “El Cerro del Vigía” with phenomenal views, dreamy sunsets and a very romantic atmosphere.

Plazuela Zaragoza

This square is distinguished by its beautiful gardens and its central kiosk, which together house different social, cultural and gastronomic activities.


Family water park in Mazatlán where you can find fun for all ages in pools and slides, relaxing and sunbathing or simply enjoying a snack.

Alfiland Park

The newest Water Park in Mazatlán, where you will find barbecue areas, snacks, go Karts, wading pools, a pool with five types of waves and slides for all tastes.


Tourist attraction visited for its stories and legends, it is more than 200 years old and you can find it in “Cerro de la Nevería” and discover for yourself the mystery that surrounds it.


The newest area of the city, surrounded by the yachting area, restaurants of the highest quality and the newest shopping plaza. If you are looking to take a tour of the bay of Mazatlán, this place will be your starting point.

Centro de Innovación Cultural Mazatlán

Cultural Innovation Center that seeks to position learning as the ideal ways to contribute to the development of southern Sinaloa, offering spaces and programs to promote cultural, educational, tourist and social innovation in our state.

Región Trópico

Region Tropico is a platform that promotes and sells art. Guided tours at 6691480898.

Parque Central Mazatlán

Free public space where you can enjoy outdoor relaxing activities. Don't miss the opportunity to rent our boats and kayaks. Inside our facilities we also have a "Food Trucks" . Don't miss on our promos!.