Historic Sites

Teatro Ángela Peralta

Opens its doors on February 14th, 1874, becoming a majestic cultural and historical site considered the most important theater in northwest Mexico, where plays, dance, opera, and music are presented.


In the heart of the Historic Center is the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, built between 1875 and 1899, considered the most beautiful in northwestern Mexico.

Centro Histórico

By excellence, the main spot of the cultural life of Mazatlán, the ideal place for a family atmosphere, where joy, tradition and culture are combined in the oldest part of the city.

Museo Pedro Infante

This museum has a historical value in Mazatlán since it was precisely in this house that the idol of the “golden age” of Mexican cinema was born. Here, you can admire the artist's belongings.

Museo de Arte

Open space to express history and exhibit the most important works of art of internationally recognized Mexican artists that represent our heritage.

Palacio Municipal

Historic building in which dozens of mayors and councilors have decided the directions of the City. The Municipal Palace is not just a building, on its walls you can "breathe" stories of our Mazatlán.

Museo Arqueológico

In the Archaeological Museum, you will discover part of Mazatlán's past, by observing collections of archaeological pieces, artifacts, clothing, weapons and symbols of the ancestors who inhabited these lands.


Majestic house built between 1904 and 1907 that embellishes the Old Mazatlán area. It is one of the most valuable architectural constructions since it was one of the first residences in the port.