Letras Monumentales Mazatlán

If you are looking for the perfect picture, the colorful letters of Mazatlan, located facing the sea and the iconic “Valentinos” Castle, are your best option, find them on the boardwalk right before the Golden Zone.

Monumento a Lobos Marinos

This beautiful monument represents the small island near the shore where these marine mammals arrive every year, it was made given the importance and majesty of these species.

Monumento a Fernando Valadés

Located in the "Paseo Olas Altas", is the bronze monument in honor of the composer, where he is immortalized sitting playing a piano.

Monumento al Escudo

This shield was created in 1959 where you can see the emblems of the city and State to contemplate their essence in a colorful and beautiful monument.

Monumento Mujer Delfín

This monument, which shows a dolphin woman, work of Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, has been located since 2004 at the entrance to one of the most historic corners of the boardwalk, “La Carpa Olivera”.

Monumento a la Mujer Mazatleca

Tribute to the striking beauty of Mazatlan women. It consists of a bronze figure with its arms open, demonstrating the warmth that Mazatlan women provide to their loved ones.

Monumento a Pedro Infante

Located on the “Paseo del Centenario” is the monument of this idol, mounted on a motorcycle making a memory of one of his most famous films "A toda Máquina", recorded in 1951.

Monumento al Pescador

"The marine allegory" is the original name of the most visited monument in the port, which is locally known as "Monumento al Pescador" and more popularly as "Los Monos Bichis" for its imposing completely naked human figures.

Monumento a la Pulmonía

This monument is in honor of the emblematic Mazatlan transport known as "pulmonía". In these typical vehicles you can enjoy the beautiful views and roads that Mazatlán offers you.

Monumento El Venadito

Located in “Olas Altas” this is a beautiful monument of a bronze figure of a deer, that represents that our city on its indigenan origins was known as “the land of the deers”.

Cañon La Pérgola Ángela Peralta

Monument known as "Mirador del Cañón", where one of the historic canyons of Mazatlán from the 19th century is located, accompanied by one of the best views in town.

Monumento Continuidad de la Vida

Magnificent bronze work of art that symbolizes the beginning, the end and the balance of life and respect for nature. It can be admired in the "Olas Altas" area.

Monumento a la Familia

This monument was built to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium, is a regal bronze figure that represents the typical “Mazatleca” family, awaiting the arrival of a new and promising century.

Monumento La Reina de Los Mares

Over the rocks on the sea is this monument, which is a bronze figure of a seated mermaid that symbolizes the welcome to sea travelers who make a stopover in the Port.

Monumento Don Cruz Lizárraga

Monument tribute to “Don Cruz Lizárraga” the creator of the worldwide known "Mother of all Bands: Banda El Recodo”. Located almost in front of Mazatlan’s Aquarium.

Cañon Fuerte 31 de Marzo

Located next to “playa Pinitos”, the Canyon “Fuerte 31 de Marzo”, built in 1893 is a monument to remember the defense of Mexico, against the Cordelliere during the second French intervention.

Monumento Lola Beltrán

Located on the street that carries her name, this monument pays tribute to the Mexican singer and actress, Lola Beltrán, an icon of Mexican culture, especially from Sinaloa.

Monumento a Ferrusquilla

Monument in recognition of the teacher, composer and musician, José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla, for his great career and for being a favorite and distinguished son of Mazatlán.

Monumento a José Alfredo Jiménez

In "Paseo Olas Altas", facing the sea, there is a statue of one of the great representatives of the Mexican regional genre, José Alfredo Jiménez, singer-songwriter of the emblematic "Corrido de Mazatlán".


Sphere that gives color to the tourist area, in honor of Mazatlán being known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”. Monument placed in an emblematic site, union of the 3 main avenues of Mazatlán.

Callejón Liverpool

With European touches and a legendary history in music, this alley is a replica of Liverpool Street in England, honoring one of the greatest musical bands of all time.

Parador MZT

The new MZT photographic and tourist stop seeks to unify the image of the destination by encompassing all that Mazatlan has to offer and to have an identity in the great cities of the world.

Monumento a Jaques Cousteau

The monument is located pointing to the Sea of Cortez, which the explorer and researcher named the Aquarium of the World, due to the great diversity of species and great natural beauty.